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Your Guide to Printing and Binding a Coffee Table Book

Your Guide to Printing and Binding a Coffee Table Book

Have you ever strolled into a coffee shop or a luxurious place, sat at a sofa and found a hardbound and fabulous-looking book lying on the table? That is a coffee table book.

A coffee table book serves the purpose of relaxing you until your food and beverages arrive. The book has attractive images spread across premium-quality pages. One of its main functions is to start a conversation among your peers. With technology taking over the world, most of us are glued to our mobile screens. Placing a book with a captivating cover will have visitors reach out for it. 

What should you consider before printing a coffee table book?

Binding: A well-bound book is sure to make customers want to pick it up and go through it. However, with the book being handled by many, sheets getting loose is bound to happen. So, you have to research the best type of binding for your book. One of the popular binding methods is hardcover binding.  You can’t go wrong with this. Hardcover books stand the test of time. Two other popular binding methods are case binding and smyth-sewn binding. 

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Theme: The theme of your coffee table book should resonate with the surroundings. If it is a coffee house, then you can include content and pictures related to coffee. If it is an architectural company, you can include stunning architectural images. Get an idea of what your book should convey before you go about printing and binding it. The theme must intrigue and compel the targeted audience to have a look at it. 

Size: The dimensions of your coffee table book must be such that they appear oversized. The dimensions and orientation( portrait or landscape) should depend on the kind of images used and what is the purpose of the book.

Paper stock: Glossy and matte-coated papers can make your coffee book stand out. Glossy sheets of paper can be used to include many images and less text. Whereas matte-coated paper is used to include more text and fewer images. 

Professional designer: A book with average designs will not be attractive enough for people to go through it.  A professional designer will help create a book that looks appealing. Get in touch with a designer whose work you find interesting. 

An amazing manuscript: If your book is filled with amazing images but has poor text scribbled across its pages, your clients or customers are not going to be interested in it for long. Hiring an experienced content writer for a polished manuscript must be done in order to have a great coffee table book. 

Finishing Techniques: The finishing technique that is used for your book is important. The final touches must be visually appealing. Some of the finishing options are varnish, spot UV, emboss, foil stamping, and lamination. If you need to make a hardcover book look special then you can use foil stamping, emboss or die cut to make it appear phenomenal. And, if you have a paperback book, spot UV and Lamination methods are often used. The finishing technique used depends on the text content design and cover. It isn’t necessary that a book has just one finishing technique. Two or more finishes are often used together. For example, a matte or glossy lamination can be used on the dust jacket, spot varnish can be put on the inner pages, and emboss and gold foil on the leather cover. 

Cost: The cost of printing and binding a coffee table book will depend on the binding option, size, paper stock, number of pages, finishing technique, design, colours used, etc. 

If the requirement is in bulk, a large offset printing machine is used where the price is low but you are able to print more. Another affordable option is printing the book in black and white. So, if you have a low budget, opting for a black-and-white book is the best. This type is classy in looks and different from what most people opt for which is coloured printing. Doing something different will make you appear unique and people will be curious to experience your products and services.

The cost for printing and binding will be higher if the finishing technique is complex or there are more pages to print. 

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