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Xerox’s Security Solutions with Connect Key Share to Cloud

xerox connect key

Xerox’s Security Solutions with Connect Key Share to Cloud

With Share to Cloud, you can be connected around the world and easily set up remote working operations by sharing and protecting files and sensitive documents securely.

Xerox Connect Key Share to Cloud provides document-sharing capabilities that connect your multifunction printer to cloud-based servers and applications. You require very little IT involvement to set up the solution. With this tool, you can optimize your user interface to make it easy to use.

Sectors such as finance, legal, government, and healthcare have made use of the technology to fulfil security requirements and become more connected than ever.

Here are some of the ways the solution can be useful for your business:

1. Useful for user authentication and security

If you own a multifunction printer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Share to Cloud is available as an embedded application on your software. Several users might be accessing the same printer, so you will need authentication for each person to identify who needs to be using the printer and give access to authorized users only.

Here is how Share to Cloud ensures user authentication and security:

  • Retrieves the user’s login credentials to unlock the device
  • Takes advantage of the organization’s existing security system (if you use an access pin or key card) and adapts to them

2. Securely scan photos into editable documents

You work with hundreds of documents on a day-to-day basis. With Xerox Connect Key Share to Cloud, you can deploy workflows that can be shared by any of your colleagues for group work. You can also convert scanned images into editable documents and spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Word files, Microsoft excel spreadsheets, searchable PDFs, and even plain text).

You can even transmit these shared images to popular online applications such as Evernote and Salesforce so that your colleagues and clients across the world can see the documents and make changes. You can split the files for easier readability, and to make the scanning process even easier.

In addition, the solution makes sure that no data can be captured or retained unless ordered or requested by the user. All files are temporary and can disappear on order as well (which are useful in case of sensitive documents).

3. Transmission of files to and from cloud servers

Printed stickers can be used stand-alone, but are commonly used as part of an overall advertising strategy. You can tailor a whole marketing campaign around stickers:Data needs to be exchanged via the web, and it has become essential to transmit data using secure connections.

  • You can transmit data from your multifunctional printer to someone else’s Xerox Connect Key Share to Cloud application.
  • You can also transmit the data between fellow cloud servers, or even email.
  • All data transmitted in these procedures is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) through a public or private key encryption system.
  • If anyone tries to store the data, the file will be deleted according to the protocol unless allowed by the sender.

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