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Xerox ConnectKey – Your Answer to Document Managing Woes

Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey – Your Answer to Document Managing Woes

Spend less time managing documents and more time managing your business.

Even though the world is going digital at warp-speed, there are still organizations that deal with mountains of paper. This could lead to errors, lack of space, and, most importantly, security issues.

Although manual document storage is cumbersome and involves many risks, many organizations are reluctant to adopt technologies that digitally capture the documents and store them on the cloud, ensuring that they are easily accessible, safe, and don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Here is where Xerox® ConnectKey® can help.

What is Xerox® ConnectKey®

Xerox® ConnectKey® allows users to convert hard-copy documents into easily accessible, secure cloud-based electronic documents. They can do this by using their smartphone as a scanner and storing the digital files on the cloud that only select people can access.

Easy to set up and easy to use, this software helps you have direct access to documents stored in the cloud. It seamlessly integrates into your workplace with little to no disruptions to your workflow.

Having all the files in one place improves your business and makes it easier to stay organized and on track to your business goals.

Scanning tools with Xerox® ConnectKey®

  • You can scan and convert paper documents into text-searchable PDFs that can be easily archived, organized, and searchable.
  • Use the Xerox MFP Single Touch Scanning feature to create an easily accessible document with just a touch of a button on the colour touchscreen interface. You can assign the button its own workflow for quick scanning, distribution, and archiving.
  • With advanced Optical Character Recognition software, you can easily convert numerous documents into searchable PDFs, enabling faster retrieval.

Your focus is to be organized and successfully run your business effectively and efficiently. You can achieve this by digitizing and storing your documents in a cloud that is safe and easily accessible. Xerox® ConnectKey® helps streamline your office workflow and make it more efficient. CAD Reprographics is a certified Xerox partner and can help you choose an MFP that will suit your workplace.

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