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Xerox Altalink C8145 Multifunction Printer Review

Xerox Altalink C8145 Multifunction Printer

Xerox Altalink C8145 Multifunction Printer Review

A Xerox expert in conversation with the head of a highly demanding large business has approached him, looking for the perfect instrument to cover several tasks flawlessly to free up the team’s time to take on other tasks.

Expert: According to you, you need to optimize your business processes to save more time for essential tasks. You also have to work with other people, and you need a collaborative machine. I have the perfect device for you! You can choose to purchase it with a bank loan, but there are advantages that come with leasing. Many business owners choose to lease because it grants them flexibility.

Just imagine commanding automation at the push of a button and letting the machine customize your workflow in return. That’s right, The Xerox Altalink C8145 is the perfect digital colour assistant, and you can get your work done intuitively through its 10-inch customizable tablet user interface.

There is a reason it is the most versatile multifunction printer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Just imagine having it in your office. You get all your printing done in-house with a machine that intuitively knows what you need. Imagine the time you’d have leftover for your tasks.

Business Head: How fast is this printer, and how is the print quality? I want to know I’m choosing the right one.

For your business, it’s definitely the right one. It’s pretty fast. The Altalink C8145 prints and copies at 45 ppm and has a monthly duty cycle of 200,000 pages.

Its maximum print resolution 1200 x 2400 dpi, and prints in beautiful colour and I know that’s a priority for you right now, because a lot of your digital print collaterals use colour.

Business Head: What are some of this product’s features and connections?

Look at this product’s 10.1″ colour touchscreen. It includes access to the Xerox App Gallery, so users can download the Xerox or third-party apps for customizing workflows.

A few of the apps are Xerox Translate and Print, which allows you to translate a document into another language for easy readability and print it. We also have fantastic new features such as the Xerox Audio Documents and Xerox Note Converter. With the Audio Documents feature, you can convert text documents into listenable mp3 files and listen to them from anywhere in the world. Makes work from home super easy.

I know you’re looking to expand into work from home and printing from anywhere in the world. With this app, you can print from and scan various apps, such as Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android and Near Field Communication (NFC) devices.

Business Head: I’m convinced! I just want to know – how easy is this product to use?

This is an intuitive and productive machine that is easy to use. It includes features such as user authentication and network authentication for your employees to verify files easily. There is also the Simple ID feature, where users access commonly-used apps on the home screen. The user is assigned a dedication ID and password, which they enter only once. Then the machine helps them sort essential apps and functions to the top of the screen and work.

Xerox also has a partnership with McAfee for device and fleet security for documents to stay secure. You and your employees can relax knowing your documents will be in a safe space.

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