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This Holiday, win over clients with digitally printed gifts!

This Holiday, win over clients with digitally printed gifts!

With holidays coming up, you might be worrying about what to gift your clients. Fear not, CAD Reprographics can help you provide them with thoughtful, digitally-printed gifts that makes their day, while also placing your brand in their minds!

Holiday season is upon everyone, and you might be wondering what to gift your loved ones, family, friends, and clients! Digital printing is useful for commercial purposes, but we at CAD Reprographics also have a wide range of items that you can gift people – such as mugs, T-shirts and more. But if you want to look beyond the typical, here are a range of new, digitally printed gifts.

1. Transform any desk into brand-building promotion with a tent calendar

A tent calendar is an affordable tool and a subtle and effective way to promote your business all-year round! It’s also just the right size to put in an envelope to hand out to people to show appreciation.

A well-designed tent calendar is a functional tool that customers can use every day. It is a triple-sided calendar in the style of a tent ideal for people who have desks. Get the calendar finished with silk, gloss, or even premium uncoated for a raw option.  Here are some other ways you can advertise your brand with them while gifting:

  • Include them in a direct promotional mailer kit to offices
  • Post and assemble them on desks when you make office visits

2. Pay attention to detail with a collection of compliment slips to give everyone

Like business payslips, compliment slips can be handed out easily to improve your relationships with your customers. They are simply a small printed document with the salutation “With Compliments” and a short space for a handwritten message. Compliment slips can be included in delivery packages or sent individually as a way of thanking your customers or clients for their patronage. They add a much-needed human touch to your business, show your appreciation for people, and reinforce your brand message and identity.

3. Ignite their creativity and provoke their thoughts with branded notepads!

This piece of personalized, tangible stationery is the perfect gift to give people if you want to make them think. They don’t have to be bold to make a statement, a simple design with your logo and contact information is just as powerful. You can print them in all shapes and sizes, but the most common for gifts are A4 and A3. We use industry-standard glue which is durable, long-lasting and strong. Notepads will advertise your brand all year-long if placed on your customer’s desk or added to their bags. You can get it spiral-bound to add a unique touch to it as well!

Contact CADReprographics LLC to take advantage of our digital printing services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at our website www.cadreprographics.com. Digitally print the perfect gift for your clients, friends, and family. Get your special items customized with our design team for your loved ones to get a special design!

eck out our website cadreprographics.comContact us there for the best prices, deals, and guidance. Get your business soaring.

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