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A Guide to Xerox ConnectKey: The Best Business Asset

A Guide to Xerox ConnectKey: The Best Business Asset

Imagine a suite of apps available solely to increase your business performance in various ways. With Xerox Connect Key technology, transform your printer into an intelligent workplace assistant.

he workplace environment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is continuously progressing, evolving, and transforming. Technologies that could help your business operations five or ten years ago don’t seem to be enough to match up to your growing needs and responsibilities. However, there is a particularly technology that always succeeds in meeting your needs.

Here’s our guide to Xerox Connect Key Technology.

1. What is Xerox Connect Key Technology?

Available on several A3 multifunction printers, Xerox Connect Key technology is a suite of workplace apps that expand the capabilities of what your printers can do for your business. However, Xerox Connect Key technology matches up to the ever-changing office environment very easily, and scale up as your company’s needs evolve and change, whether by introducing new apps, or adding new capabilities to the existing ones.

  • It can add mobile and cloud capabilities to them, for a start.
  • A smart workplace assistant, it goes far beyond just printing, faxing and copying.
  • With just a few taps on the screen, you can translate, encrypt, share documents worldwide, and much more.

1. How does Xerox Connect Key technology work on your system?

Xerox Connect Key Apps can be viewed effortlessly on the tablet-like interface available on most A3 multifunction printers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (such as the VersaLink series, the AltaLink series, and the Xerox PrimeLink series).  You can access an App’s capabilities simply by tapping them. Connect Key technology will feel immediately familiar.

Each of your employees can enter a specialized pin code to use the machine. They can customize their Connect Key dashboard by placing their favourite or most used apps at the top. By swiping, pinching, and tapping at various operations, employees can perform them speedily.

2. What are the benefits of Xerox Connect Key technology?

Grow your business, make your sales, and generate leads very easily – because your Xerox Connect Key will run your business for you, giving you more time to pursue what matters.

  • You need fewer steps to complete the same processes.
  • The technology improves overall business productivity, reduces potential errors, and lowers costs.
  • You and your employees require minimal-to-no training to use the technology since day one.
  • Business security and critical information is increased thanks to direct connections, so fewer mistakes are made.
  • Holds all your data in the highest levels of security, even if you are operating via mobile or cloud.
  • Connects all office printers and other devices via the cloud.

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