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The 3 Major Benefits of Sheet-Fed Printing

The 3 Major Benefits of Sheet-Fed Printing

In this digital landscape, one may wonder why printing is still needed. Well, you must do something different or add other marketing strategies if you wish to be at the forefront of business. One way to reach the top is printing. With printing, your business will reach a wider audience.

There are different kinds of printing and one of them is sheet-fed printing which is discussed below.

What is sheet-fed printing?

Sheet-fed printing is a process where sheets of paper are continuously fed into the printer one at a time. Now, this may seem like a slow process. However, advanced technology boosts print speed. A sheet-fed press is known for its customization, print quality, and size and stock flexibility. It is capable of printing 4,000 to 18,000 sheets per hour.

Where can it be used?

A sheet-fed digital press is best suited for small and medium-sized projects. Usually, printing companies do not provide web printing services for such projects. These services are reserved for printing thousands of copies.

Brochures, flyers, stationery, letterhead, short-run magazine, business cards, and custom business forms are some of the printing projects a sheet-fed press takes up.

Although a sheet-fed printing press doesn’t perform as fast as a web-printing press, it needs less manual labor, can easily be set up, and will not halt a project if a problem arises. The sheet-fed press is known for producing high-quality output.


The process is automated

Sheet-fed printing is heavily automated. Machines automatically feed the sheets of paper which allows for a flexible product size. There is a part of the machine which picks up a sheet of paper and feeds it into the press. The rollers then keep the sheet moving until the paper is held by grip pieces in the machine. This automated process is cost-effective and increases efficiency. Also, there is no restriction on the size of the paper.

High-quality finishing touches

A sheet-fed printer provides the option of having a superior finish to the final output. To make the product look exceptional, one can choose from various finishing options such as matte, gloss, and dull. If a glossier look is required, aqueous soft-touch materials are used to achieve it. It also has a UV finish option. The sheet-fed press is able to handle such remarkable finishing touches in a smooth manner.

Quick printing

A sheet-fed press has a quick turnaround. It prints at a fast pace, thus making it seem effortless to produce many copies. The process cost is reduced due to the high efficiency of the machines. This is convenient when one has a large volume to be printed. The printer can easily handle any kind of product of any size. From printing big calendars to small postcards, sheet-fed printers are quite flexible.


A sheet-fed printer is for those who wish to save time, cost, and prefer good quality over quantity. So, if you have a small or medium-sized printing project then turn to sheet-fed printing.

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