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Keep Your Canvas Prints As Good as New With These 5 Easy Ways

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Keep Your Canvas Prints As Good as New With These 5 Easy Ways

Canvas prints are an eye-catching way to show off your favorite photos.

Canvas prints for wall décor are all the rage now. Initially used for reproducing original paintings, canvas has now taken over the walls. Due to its durability, versatility, and its long life, canvas has become a popular choice for interior decoration.

While many consider cotton prints or paintings to be the better choice, because of their higher quality, the canvas is more affordable and has room for bolder and more colourful prints.

Let’s take a look at the merits of canvas and why many prefer it over other materials.

  • Canvas is more durable than paper or any other fabric. The material is waterproof and hence can’t be ruined by water. The colours also don’t fade on canvas the way they do in other fabrics.
  • Because of the canvas’ textured surface, the images are more interesting. The material also lends an air of sophistication to the images, like the ones we see in museums, irrespective of whether they are paintings or prints.
  • Canvas prints do not have any glare of reflection. You can play around with canvas printing as well. For example, you can divide one image into different canvas pieces and hang them together. This will give an artistic touch to your wall. Paper or other fabric will not allow you that option.

It’s time to maintain your canvas prints

Canvas is becoming the sought-after fabric these days because of its durable nature. However, we need to take care of them and maintain it.

Here are some tips to take care of your canvas prints.

  1. Keep the canvas away from direct sunlight. Especially in direct sunlight for a long time since the print will fade. avoid the constant flow of direct sunlight.
  2. While canvas is usually waterproof, avoid using water to clean the print. Use a dry feather duster or soft brush to remove the dust.
  3. Ensure that the prints are hung in a cool and dry place since heat and moisture can cause your canvas to stretch over time.
  4. Don’t use chemical cleaners. If you can’t get dirt from your canvas print with just a clean brush or a damp cloth, take it to a professional cleaner. Once you use a chemical cleaner, usually found in household cleaning supplies, the components will break down the UV coating on your print and even remove the ink. And this damage is irreversible.
  5. Store your canvas prints with acid-free paper. When the time comes to change your wall hanging, wrap them in acid-free paper or another acid-free material. This will ensure that the print will not turn yellow over time due to acid on other materials. Also, make sure you store the prints in a cool and dry atmosphere.

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