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Get Your Schools and Colleges Ready for the New Academic Year

School Book Printing Services

Get Your Schools and Colleges Ready for the New Academic Year

Grab the attention of students and parents and increase this year’s enrolment!

Schools are out and now is the best time to spruce up the campus and make them appealing and stand out before the tours begin and the campus is flooded with students touring the campus, coming for interviews, writing entrance exams, etc.

If you think marketing and advertising now are a waste of time and money, think again.

With the right marketing, advertising, posters, flyers, sandwich boards, etc., you can create the best first impression on prospective students who are now on the verge of choosing where they are going to invest the next four years of their lives.

These marketing materials are important because they will be the first thing prospective students will see about your college.

The aim of these marketing materials is to grab the attention of students and parents alike and show them how good your institute is, how they will help students, your institute’s values, and instil a sense of school spirit.

List of things one can do to make the campus more attractive


Custom-made banners with the school’s name and emblem are one of the best marketing materials. Well-designed and strategically placed banners will help visiting students and their families catch and understand the institute’s spirit.

Used indoors and outdoors, these banners can welcome the students, direct them to events, and show them the general sense of the institute’s spirit.

School Bus/Shuttle

The school shuttle can also be branded in the school colours. This way, the school brand can go beyond the campus. With this, students will also know that they will get safe transportation, putting their and their parents’ minds at ease.

Posters for notice boards

Every school has numerous notice boards and placing posters on the notice boards will help visitors get information on the various activities, directions to events, etc.

Photo Booth

Any Instagram-worthy photo booth is a win for marketing. Having one on campus will give you the marketing you need to reach out to an expansive audience. Students can take photos against the backdrop and show them to their followers who will also know about your institute.

The photo booth can be in the form of large frames the students can get behind, large standees, a picturesque wall, etc.


Get the prospects into the school spirit with mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, notebooks, and other stationery customized with the school’s name, emblem, and colours. This will give students a sense of belonging and inspire them to choose your school to study in.

Car stickers

Which parent ever loses an opportunity to boast about their children? Give them a chance to show off with stickers they can attach to their bumpers or back windshields and tell the world that their kid is part of your amazing school.

Brochures and flyers

No marketing effort is ever complete without the trusty old brochures and flyers. Two of the oldest go-to marketing tools – brochures and flyers never fail. They give the prospective students and their parents all the information they need about the school to make a well-informed decision. When used with the right colours, text, and design, brochures and flyers will never miss the mark.

CAD Reprographics – Your Premier Printing Partner

CAD Reprographics is ready to provide you and your institute with the printing and marketing support you need before you open it to visitors. Make a great first impression with the help of CAD Reprographics.

We have been leaders in the print industry in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for over a decade and serve an elite clientele. All you need to do is to come to our office and give us the specifications. If you can’t visit our office, you can drop us an email with all your requirements and our expert print technicians will take care of the rest.

We will also deliver the print material to your doorstep free of cost!

Contact CAD Reprographics LLC to take advantage of our digital printing services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at our website cadreprographics.com.

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