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4 reasons you will benefit from digitally printed brochures

4 reasons you will benefit from digitally printed brochures

A print expert from CAD Reprographics LLC in conversation with the design head of a small business on how digital printing can create sleek marketing collaterals like brochures for their upcoming clients.

While digital marketing is growing, creating print marketing collaterals like brochures helps you stand out. Brochures will give your readers the impression that your business is reliable and committed to quality. Our digital printing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will help you come up with a beautiful one.

Design Head: How would a brochure help me stand out?

With brochures, you get to cover a lot of information in one concise, small packet. It’s a compact document that can speak for your business, and you can distribute it within minutes. You can include your products and showcase them beautifully. You can let people know your price range and discounts so they’ll keep an eye out for you. You can even let them know your brand story. The possibilities are limitless.

Design Head: You’ve convinced me to make a brochure, but can I give it to everyone?

Yes, you definitely can. Whether you are handing out brochures face to face or simply placing them on a table; you will quickly discover just how fast you can get the word out about your business.

You can also quickly add a brochure to almost any other item you distribute. Slide one in a promotional portfolio, place one in your packaging or hand them out as you put products in the bag at checkout. Plus, you can always keep brochures with you wherever you encounter an opportunity to attract a potential client.

Design Head: What if I want to give different messages to different audiences? I want to give out one to B2B audiences, but also one for our customers…

Then you can create different brochures with different messages very quickly. Once you design the bare bones, you can customize it with unique content for each audience! For the B2B case, the language can be formal, and you can emphasize things like your mission statement, selling points, benefits, and rates. But with customers, you can go all out with punchy messaging and eye-catching copy, talking to them about your latest products and discounts. It’s all possible with our brochures printing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Design Head: Alright, I guess I’m almost convinced – my only concern is how expensive it would be to print them all.

Compared to other marketing materials like billboards and banners, brochures are relatively inexpensive. Printing companies like us will give you a lower bulk rate if you choose to publish them in bulk. But your main expenses are only the design, printing and copywriting – and you can take care of the copywriting and leave the design and digital printing to us. The thing is, a brochure can go to audiences who’ll remember them for life. You can make good use of this comprehensive and affordable marketing tool.

If you want to avail of our brochures printing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, check our website cadreprographics.com Contact us there for the best prices, deals, and guidance. Get your business soaring with gorgeous prints!

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