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Benefits of the Universal Print

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Benefits of the Universal Print

When it comes to printing, there are so many different ways to go. There are also so many different printers and printing solutions that it can get a little overwhelming. Which is the best choice for your business? Should you go with a Xerox or Universal Print, or maybe another option? There are many things to consider when choosing the right printer for your business and the type of printing you need. If you’re thinking about purchasing a printer, we can help you make an informed decision! Here are 5 reasons why Xerox and Universal Print are the best choices for your printing needs:

Universal Print by Microsoft: In-Depth Walkthrough

Microsoft’s Universal Print is a powerful and uniquely designed printer solution that is targeted specifically to help medium to large-size organizations boost their productivity and profitability.

With Universal Print, you can easily connect to any printer in your network. Universal Print features remote management and monitoring, making it easy to manage your printers. The software is scalable and can be easily added to as your business grows.

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

Universal Print by Microsoft offers cloud-to-cloud integration. This means that you can easily and seamlessly print from one cloud service to another without having to download and re-upload files. With Universal Print by Microsoft, you can connect to multiple cloud services, including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Azure. You can even connect and print from Google Drive, Box, and other cloud-based file-sharing services.

Full Printer Usage Tracking

Microsoft’s Universal Print can help organizations track and monitor printer usage and costs. It works by tracking when a user prints something, the size of the print job, and the device used for printing. The tracking data is then stored in the printer, and reported back to the organization’s administrators. The data can then be used to make more informed decisions about printing practices, employee productivity, and the effectiveness of certain printers.

Feature Packed Print Release

Universal Print by Microsoft offers a feature-packed print release. This print release is designed to provide a robust print experience that’s easy to use and navigate. This print release allows you to easily navigate through the printer’s settings and select the type of print job you need to send to the printer. The print release also allows you to easily see the status of your print job, and it even provides you with the option of pausing printing jobs if needed. The print release also allows you to easily select multiple documents for printing all at once, so you can save both time and paper. This feature is designed to make it easier and faster for employees to send print jobs to the printer. It also helps to reduce printing errors and increase overall productivity throughout your organization.

Mobile Print

Universal Print by Microsoft offers mobile print capabilities, which are designed to provide a seamless and easy printing experience from anywhere. This feature is designed to allow you to easily print from your smartphone or tablet device, even when you’re away from the office. This feature is great for business owners who need to print documents away from their office or on the go. It’s also helpful for employees who need to print while away from the office. Mobile print capabilities are designed to allow you to easily search for and select the printer that you want to use. Once you’ve selected the printer, you can then select the documents that you want to print. You can even choose which printer you want to print the document(s) to. This feature is designed to provide a seamless and easy printing experience, no matter where you are.

Advanced Security Benefits

Universal Print by Microsoft offers advanced security benefits. This printer solution is designed to help organizations maintain a secure printing environment. It is designed to help organizations prevent unauthorized users from accessing print queues, as well as protect sensitive or confidential documents from being printed. Universal Print by Microsoft is designed to help you prevent printer attacks and downtime. This printer solution can be used with both on-premise and hybrid environments, as well as with cloud-based printing software. It also offers multifactor authentication options and can be integrated with various identity management systems. These security benefits are designed to help organizations protect and secure their print environments and sensitive documents.

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Universal Print by Microsoft is a powerful, uniquely designed printer solution that’s specifically targeted toward medium to large-size organizations. This printer solution offers a host of features designed to boost your organization’s productivity and profitability, while also helping to reduce your total cost of ownership. These features include cloud-to-cloud integration, full printer usage tracking, a feature-packed print release, advanced security benefits, and mobile print capabilities. These features make Universal Print by Microsoft a great choice for your business printing needs.

Xerox and Microsoft are helping companies accelerate their shift to the cloud with seamless print management, comprehensive security, and control. This program is ideal for companies that have invested in Microsoft 365.

All Xerox office devices are compatible with the Universal Print by Microsoft Connector so it’s easy to get started with the standard Universal Print feature set today.

It is easy to get started as all Xerox office devices are compatible with the Universal Print connector. 

CAD Reprographics LLC is proud to be the authorized channel partner for Xerox. Contact us at  cadreprographics.comand our specialists will help your educational institution set up and get started with Universal Print and Xerox Workplace Cloud. Based on your current print environment, we can also identify opportunities for cost control and productivity.

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