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4 reasons your workplace needs digital printing now

multifunction printer in Dubai

4 reasons your workplace needs digital printing now

4 reasons your workplace needs digital printing now

A print expert from CAD Reprographics LLC in conversation with a small business head who is looking to improve office productivity during remote work and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your problem is all too common and has a simple solution. Digital printing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is all about seeking new ways of working in line with the modern workplace needs. You’ve got to adopt a digital strategy and equip yourself with digital tools and technologies to drive success and ensure the office productivity you need.\

Business Head: How do I make sure I deliver digital solutions to my clients?

COVID-19 has pushed businesses to rethink how they used to deliver value to customers. A good way to start is by eliminating paper-based processes. You can invest in a good multifunction printer in Dubai for document capture tasks while also focusing on making workflows as automated as possible. You might also look into cloud-based services to help with that.

Business Head: What kind of cloud-based services would help with printing?

Cloud print services are very effective and ensure scalable and sustainable print infrastructure. You can leverage these solutions to reduce your capital expenditure and operating costs while also shifting to a cloud-based print infrastructure. Recently, you told me that your operations have been decentralized, and some of your employees have also been using their own printers. You can all print together safely on the cloud from wherever you are with this infrastructure.

Business Head: How else could we update our workflow using digital printing?

There are so many options in touchless technologies. The COVID-19 pandemic came in so quickly and there’s no guarantee that another one won’t come again. To ensure safety, you must embrace and integrate touchless technologies such as biometrics or smart-card authentication in printers. There are going to be even more innovations in this space that you can consider, including voice control in digital printers.

Business Head: Will our employees be able to adjust to all these changes and ensure comfortable printing in their homes?

Absolutely. As this trend of remote working is most likely going to continue, your employees can use collaboration platforms when working on tasks such as business card printing in Dubai. Think about it – if they can print from anywhere in the world and you will be able to approve the document remotely and check it before it is printed (all those technologies are available in current Xerox multifunction printers), then they can comfortably submit work without losing time in printing anywhere else. A good home and work digital printing system will save you overheads in the post-COVID era and help you improve their productivity and your own.

If you want modern workplace solutions regarding digital printing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, check out our website cadreprographics.comLet your business thrive and grow with modern digital printing solutions.

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