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5 Reasons Why Brochures Will Never Go Out of Style

5 Reasons Why Brochures Will Never Go Out of Style

Are brochures still relevant in this digital world? Yes, they are. Wondering how? Read on to know more. 

A brochure is a promotional document meant to advertise the company and its products or services. Its main purpose is to build awareness. These paper documents are placed inside newspapers, distributed individually to the public, or positioned in brochure stands in crowded places. 

Types of brochures 

Based on their purpose, format, and layout, brochures come in different types. They are of six kinds:

Gates Fold – This type is expensive but comes with benefits that justify its expensive nature. One, it has got good paper quality, and two, it has an inward folding design making it easy to carry. 

Die-Cut Fold – The design of this brochure captures the attention of prospective customers through its distinctive designs. These designs are created with the help of steel blades that have a particular shape. This kind of brochure is fit for conferences and trade shows as people are taken in by the content of the show. A brochure with unique designs will have people take a second look at the content in the brochure. 

Cross Fold – Tourism guides and transport maps use this type for it is convenient to carry and has quite a lot of aesthetically pleasing designs. 

Bi-Fold Brochure – This style is the most sought-after and widely used brochure type. One can see its applications in trade shows, product catalogs, and corporate meetings. 

Tri-Fold Brochure – From its name, one can know that it has three folds. It is popular among those who wish to convey their information through a good deal of fabulous designs grabbing the attention of readers. 

Z-Fold Brochure – This type has an accordion fold where businesses can use alternating folds to convey their message on each panel or simply have the brochure open to a single photograph. It can be used anyhow the designer wishes to style it. 

Here’s why brochures are still relevant today 

They don’t burn a hole in the pocket 

Brochures are a budget-friendly marketing tool for small or new businesses that are looking for an efficient and effective way of spreading the word. When compared to online marketing instruments, brochures are cost-effective. Roping in a professional designer to get your message across through effective designs will increase leads that will in turn boost conversions. Also, the price you pay for them will come at a reduced rate if you purchase them in bulk. Moreover, you can have your business details in them making them an effective marketing tool to potential customers and clients. 

They personalise your business through unique designs 

Brochures facilitate one-on-one communication with your clients and customers. It holds the power to leave an impression in people’s minds. Having a brochure that stands out in the sea of brochures is important to ensure your message reaches the target audience. For this, an effective brochure design is a priority. An organised brochure layout with eye-catching visuals will give your business the boost it needs.

Builds Trust 

A brochure helps in building trust among your prospective clients and customers. Many companies have their values, mission, vision, and community support put across their brochures. Highlighting the sustainable practices you follow, the charity you do, and your company’s green initiatives will place your company in a positive light. Interactive brochures indicate that you are serious about your business endeavours and help in building an emotional connection with your prospects. 

Easy to Distribute

Brochures are quite versatile when it comes to distribution. It can be placed anywhere. You can distribute them at conferences, shows, and local fairs, or place them in a strategic location that would grab people’s attention. Brochures can be distributed along with bags, T-shirts, or other promotional giveaways for better reach.


Are you at a public event and wondering how to make the most of it for your business? Then, a brochure is your go-to marketing tool for expanding your network. It carries vital information regarding your business, providing the necessary details your targeted audience needs to know. Information such as what your business does, its products or services, the CTA, and the contact details will have your business reach relevant people in no time. 

In today’s world, it is important to stay relevant by implementing unique ideas that will boost your brand identity. Applying marketing strategies that other businesses don’t follow is one way to grab that share of the market that is not influenced by the digital world. 

If your business requires exceptional designs to decorate your brochure, then reach out to CAD Reprographics LLC. They have a team of remarkable designers who will take care of your demands. They also come with great experience in brochure printing. So, get your brochure designed and printed by them. 

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