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What is Xerox Remote Services and How to Connect Your Devices to the Xerox Infrastructure

Xerox’s Remote Services

What is Xerox Remote Services and How to Connect Your Devices to the Xerox Infrastructure

Xerox Remote Services is a suite of capabilities provided by Xerox that help simplify printer administration.

Xerox Remote Services

Xerox Remote Services is a mechanism within the latest Xerox devices that enables customer devices to communicate with the machine. Now, customers can access a whole new suite of time-saving products.

When connected to Xerox Remote Services, your Xerox machine facilitates Automatic Meter Reads (AMR), Automatic Supplies Replenishment (ASR). The device automatically sends the monthly bill and even replenishes toners without taking the extra time or effort to place an order.

With Xerox Remote Services, customers can opt to receive automatic software updates. They can also receive advanced security support through automatic software updates and security patches. In addition, if the machine runs into any trouble, the diagnostic information is automatically sent to the experts at Xerox, who will promptly resolve the issue.

You can connect to Xerox Remote Services in two ways.

1.Connecting to Xerox Remote Services through Device Direct

Direct Device is an embedded software product in the Xerox device that enables the connection with your device. Upon installation, the software will automatically attempt to connect with your device and report meters, supply, and diagnostic information. It is part of Xerox’s standard terms and agreement.

The diagnostic data that is provided to the customer support personnel include bugs, alerts, security, system updates, as well as remote configuration and resolution for print devices.

2.Connecting to Xerox Remote Services through Xerox Device Agent

This device management will be installed and configured in the customers’ Windows or Mac PC. The system administrator will have access to the customer’s secure network environment.

The secure software is up to the industry standard and is regularly scanned to check for vulnerabilities.

A single instance of the Xerox Device Agent Software can handle up to 2000 print devices.

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