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Tapping into digital printing for publishing

digital printing services for publishing

Tapping into digital printing for publishing

Book publishers can drive greater revenue and create more efficient processes using digital printing technology. As a result, digital printing can be very useful for the publishing industry. Read to see how.

Over the years, the quality of digital printing has improved to create crisp black text and sharp colour reproduction.

A digital small-scale, industry-grade digital printer can easily produce and recreate a single copy of a book at a reasonable price, that remains unchanged despite the length of the title.

As a result, the publishing industry have begun to switch to digital printing as a production model. Here are some of the benefits of digital printing for you if you are part of this industry.

1. Print on-demand books for rushed client orders

Printing on demand is a new innovation where publishers try to use an ebook-like purchase experience to print books.

When a book is published, it is sent to stores throughout the country and the world to stock. That has always been the traditional way. However, print on-demand does not follow the system where a store is required to stock a certain number of book copies for direct sales.

Instead, the POD method allows for infinite stock, because the book does not exist in physical form until a person orders it from online. This way, publishing houses can make the books in up to two days to fulfil a rushed client order.

Self-publishing houses used POD as a cost-effective method of production that allows them to serve more clients. POD copies help authors who have decided not to write an e-book.

In fact, independent authors can print their own books on demand if they own a digital printer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

2. Increase sales of back list items and out-of-print titles by digitizing them

Digital printing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can increase the speed of creating e-books. Both back list items and out-of-print titles can be turned into e-book to fulfil the orders of clients who are demanding the item when it is out of stock.

Authors who have pulled their books out of print have returned to have them published in a digital format. 69% of users still insist that printed books and newspapers are preferable over e-books, but the e-book market is growing strong as well. This solution satisfies both groups.

3. Try out books in new sectors and styles thanks to technology

Digital printing’s real strength is that it allows authors and self-publishing houses to create a virtual storefront. So long as a person has a postal service available, they will be able to receive the book they want from anywhere in the world.

  • Books can be distributed throughout previously under-served communities
  • Books can be turned into short form chapters and e-pamphlets for distribution
  • Enables flexible use of existing printers and low-cost clients,New authors can step up to publish books in sectors such as medicine, law, and food, if they have access to a digital printer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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