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Manage your device on the go with Xerox Easy Assist

Manage your device on the go with Xerox Easy Assist

You can now install your Xerox device all by yourself! You don’t have to call professionals to install your Xerox machines.

However, installing your own device can be a very time-consuming process with the varied options available in the market and the different setup processes for the different devices. Some parts of the process can be more difficult than others depending on your device.

Xerox, after knowing your difficulties, has developed a helpful new app that will assist you with the device setup. Now, setting up your office’s new Xerox device is super quick and easy and you don’t even have to be an expert to set up the device yourself!

Why choose the Xerox Easy Assist?

Still skeptical about the app and think you’d rather wait for someone to set everything up for you?

Think about this.

Businesses have moved to a more productive working style and a malfunctioning printer will cramp your style. In addition to this, because of the more flexible working style, many of your workers may lack access to IT support. Printers are an essential office tool, however, it may be difficult to set up, install and manage

That is why, the Xerox Easy Assist app, helps you.

  • Easy setup – The app helps you get your device up and running in no time.
  • Increases productivity – The app helps you quickly browse and print documents, monitor supply levels, and efficiently and easily order Xerox items.
  • Real-time support – If you face any problems, you will get immediate assistance with real-time access to various self-support services.
  • Secures your device – you can easily ensure that only authorized people can access the app and device by easily managing device admin passwords.

How to download and install the Xerox Easy Assist App

To download the Xerox Assist App, you will need to scan two QR codes.

  • The first one is to install the app. This is in the packaging box or the Installation Guide that comes with the printer.
  • The second QR code is for the Wireless network connection between the smartphone and the printer.

Setup of the printer

When the printer is powered on, the printing wizard appears. At the print control panel, you should do the following.

  • Select your preferred language, then touch ‘Next’. The Xerox Easy Assist Mobile App screen appears.
  • To use your mobile device to set up and manage your printer, touch ‘Yes’.
  • Once the app screen appears, do either of the following:
  • Choose which device the app should be compatible with
  • If you already have the app installed, choose the related option
  • When you have completed your selection, and have connected your phone to the printer, at the printer control panel, to connect to the app, touch the Show QR Code option. The second QR Code appears.
  • Scan the second QR Code and follow the instructions and the printer and your phone will share the same wireless network temporarily.
  • Then take help from general instructions on the app, complete all the general settings and register the printer on the network, set up the admin password, and connectivity, Accessibility, Date and Time, Sound, Power Saver settings, and more.
  • Then complete the entire setup by typing in the necessary information for your printer and then touch ‘Complete Setup’.

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