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Create Personalized, Long-Lasting Special Gifts with Canvas Prints

Canvas printing

Create Personalized, Long-Lasting Special Gifts with Canvas Prints

Canvas printing is an up-and-coming option for digital printing that allows you to create gorgeous wall displays. Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why canvas printing is a great choice for gifts and décor.

You can use them to display artwork and prints of your choice and liven up your home and office. You can turn them into personalized gifts for friends, family, and clients.

Canvas printing offer numerous benefits, especially when it comes to price, quality, and overall aesthetics. Here are some of the benefits of using canvas printing to create memorable gifts for yourself or others.

1. Ensure your paintings and gifts stand the test of time

Canvas is a durable and hard material that has proven to stand the test of time and even adverse conditions such as dust, smoke, or mold. At the same time, the high-quality of ink used on canvas can maintain the painting quality for much longer and keep its vibrancy.

That is why paintings made on canvas are still thriving in art galleries and museums after years and centuries. Your paintings can stand for years if you avoid contacting direct sunlight and humidity.

2. Create personalized prints that are more affordable than framing

Canvas prints make the image appear artistic and its texture gives the image more depth and character. Transform a random photo taken of your friend into an artwork piece with unexpected sides.

Unlike other methods, finished print on canvas is actually very cost-effective. For example, if you print only on paper, initially the cost looks small, but the cost of mounting and framing takes it high. In addition, you will have to select a frame that goes with your décor – but if you choose canvas, you can get the print pre-framed and avoid the problem.

3. Make your business premises pop with little touches

Canvas printing isn’t just reserved for gifts or friends and family. You can put it to good use in businesses as well. Businesses can use canvas prints to enhance brand appeal. For example:

  • Hang canvas prints in the office or reception area to give the place character and tell people more about you
  • Print your promotional materials (such as posters, flyers, billboards) on canvas to boost brand awareness through a beautiful layout
  • Print your logo and canvas and hang it up as a business motivator and to sell yourself

4. Avoid getting glare on the prints and give them a 3D effect

Traditional photos lie flat against the wall, while canvas prints stand out with their three-dimensional capabilities and grabs the attention of anyone in any room.

Framed photos and glossy paper look nice in certain rooms. However, in rooms with plenty of light and sun, the shiny surface might give off a glare, distracting people. Canvas prints have a glossy matte finish that make them perfect to hang in any room despite the weather.

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