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3 Industries That Will Benefit From Large Format Printing

3 Industries That Will Benefit From Large Format Printing

Imagine a huge canvas leaning against a building, displaying your big idea. Imagine using the canvas to visualize in the maximum scale possible. Imagine the relief. Imagine the clarity and pride in seeing your vision larger than life.

You can create collaterals such as banners, flyers, billboards, and vision boards on a deadline and budget with large-format printing. Standard printers cannot get your printing needs to be done in this scenario. While production printers can help you create numerous prints very quickly of good quality, if you need the suitable format to get your digital printing, scanning, and catalogue printing in Dubai, then large-format printing is the way to create huge, beautiful objects.

Large-format printers can produce high-quality images on a vast canvas, ranging from anywhere between 2-15 feet. If you think that these printers trade size for quality, then think again. They use microscopic droplets and precision to create images of exquisite quality. Wide-format printers provide different types of inks and are adaptable to various kinds of paper.

While several industries would benefit from large-format printing, here are the top three that can generate profit, usefulness, and exposure from it.


It is undeniable that, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals need to

  • Make extensive usage of wall signage, billboards, and wall wraps to get health warnings and announcements to people around the city.
  • Rely on posters and flyers printing in Dubai listing various health services and pictures of reliable medical professionals to contact.
  • And of course, who can imagine a hospital entrance without giant signboards directing people where to go for treatment, especially when in a panicked state and looking for guidance? Every hospital could benefit from a large-format printer for worldwide awareness!

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is an industry driven by eye-catching media, and an industry secret is that to go bigger is better!

  • Digital marketing and banners may be on the rise, but there is still a craving to see one’s work on a big screen or in flashing lights!
  • Imagine how glorious your successful projects would look and how easy it would be to spot mistakes.
  • Not to mention, marketers can catch bigger fish with brightly-coloured and shiny media.
  • Other than billboards, posters, flyers and canvas printing in Dubai all require the usage of a large-format printer to look perfect!


Whether it’s interior design, architecture, engineering, or building, the construction industry needs large-size images at every stage.

  • As an architect, you’ll need to show your clients everything on a large-scale so that they can picture their future home!
  • And, of course, blueprints and vision boards look their best when viewed on a massive scale.
  • If you want to dream big when it comes to a house, your pictures have to be significant as well!
  • You can’t create the perfect home schematics on an A4. It’s large size all the way!

If you need help finding the perfect large-format printer to buy, lease, or rent, contact us at cadreprographics.com today!

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