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How to Resolve Fault Code 077-900 in your Xerox Printer

fault Code 077-900 Xerox Printer

How to Resolve Fault Code 077-900 in your Xerox Printer

Are you getting an error but don’t see any paper jammed?

When you need to print something quickly, but your printer does not cooperate, it sure can be frustrating. However, don’t let it halt your productivity. Knowing where to start when your printer’s control panel starts displaying error messages and fault codes will help ease a bit of the frustration.

An error message seen commonly is Xerox fault code 077-900, registration sensor jam. The main cause of this error is a paper jam. Some of the top reasons why paper jams occur are:

  • Unsupported paper is used
  • Humidity or condition of the paper
  • Incorrect paper settings
  • Paper is loaded incorrectly or the paper edge guides are not adjusted properly in the tray

To reduce your downtime and get your printer back up and running, follow the below-given steps to resolve the issue.

  • Clear the Paper Jam from the Front – Turn off the printer and inspect the paper path. Remove any misfed, jammed, crumpled, or torn paper from the bypass and main tray areas. When removing paper that is stuck, try to pull it out straight without tearing it. If it tears, it will take longer to remove all the small scraps of paper.
  • Clear the Paper Jam from the Rear – Push down on the rear cover release and open the rear cover. Lift the pressure roller levers and remove any jammed paper or debris from the back of the printer. Lower the levers back to their original position and close the rear cover.
  • Power Off and Power On – Power off the printer using the power switch. Wait at least 45 seconds to a minute before powering on the printer again. Most often, a simple restart of your printer will help resolve the issue.
  • Contact Technical Support – If the problem persists and the Xerox fault code is still shown, please contact Xerox Support for additional assistance

Something as simple as a paper jam can become a time sink. But with a little printer know-how, you can easily find the solution for Xerox fault code issues. Use our tips above to get back to work. If you need more information, Xerox offers many online resources to help you troubleshoot most printer issues.

Contact us at cadreprographics.comand our Xerox Specialists will contact you to understand your current print environment and identify opportunities for cost control and productivity. Let’s get started.

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