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Get the Right Partner to Print Your School’s Exam Papers

Get the Right Partner to Print Your School’s Exam Papers

CAD Reprographics provides safe and fast delivery to school examination papers.

The world is slowly but steadily opening up again, and schools have joined. After two years of learning online, students and teachers are excited to be back in the classroom.

Students are looking forward to tangible learning experiences. Print solutions for back-to-school are many and varied, and test papers are one of them.

If you are a teacher or a school administrator, test papers are essential and must be printed on a mass scale. CAD Reprographics can help with this.

Bulk Printing Exam Papers

  • CAD provides a one-stop solution for your examination printing, question papers, and answer sheets. Our advanced technology allows us to help clients print ICR and OMR forms for their school tests. The OMR and ICR papers are printed with documents required for examinations, such as question papers and ruled answer sheets.
  • Our printing technicians’ attention to quality and accuracy ensures no errors while printing and the high-quality ink ensures no smudges and sharp and readable text. We will print OMR and ICR forms, question papers, answer booklets or sheets (if necessary), as well as examination guidelines and certificates, on request.
  • The different types of answer sheets include:
  • OMR – Optical Mark Recognition papers enable technology to extract data from marked fields, such as shaded boxes. The technology scans the printed forms and reads the predefined positions and marks, saving where the marks were made.
  • ICR – Intelligent Character Reading is a more advanced form of OMR where the technology reads and identifies manually written text characters and translates them into machine-readable characters.

How CAD can help with printing bulk test papers

CAD Reprographics specializes in mass printing at a tight deadline focusing on accuracy, speed, sharp and readable text, and reliable handling of the pages. Our experience handling important tasks has given them a reputation as the go-to printing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We have been serving an exclusive clientele across Dubai and Abu Dhabi with high-quality prints for over a decade at affordable prices and record time. Due to the pandemic, we have changed our mode of working. Customers can now email their work to us detailing their requirements, and we will print, collate, and staple all your documents and have them at your doorstep in record time and for free.

Contact CAD Reprographics LLC to take advantage of our digital printing services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at our website Contact us at our website cadreprographics.com.

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