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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Binding Services for Your Business

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Binding Services for Your Business

Binding is essential to present your valuable information in an organised manner. Having your content handed over to clients and customers contained in immaculate material will gain appreciation and leave a long-lasting impression. A good binding will make sure your material is durable and easy to handle.

What is Binding?

Binding is the process of merging individual papers together to create items such as catalogues, magazines, booklets, books, and calendars. In order for the desired unit to be secure, the edge of the booklet or the spine should be created with precision to produce a unified and long-lasting product. The binding process involves gluing, stitching, punching holes, stapling, and combining the sheets of paper with a plastic or wire.

Types of Binding Methods

Comb binding

If you have large books to bind and you are restricted by a budget, turn to Comb binding.  This method uses a hole puncher to create rectangular holes in the spine and pass round plastic pieces that appear like “teeth” through these rectangular holes. Pages can be effortlessly removed and added when needed.

Spiral binding or Coil binding

In this type, holes are punched at the edge of the stacked individual sheets of paper. A plastic or metal coil is passed through each of these holes in a spiral manner to bind the papers together. Once the coil is put through, the ends of the spiral are crumpled so the coil doesn’t slip. A great advantage of this method is the material can be opened 360 degrees.

Hardcover or Case binding

If you are on the lookout for a type of binding that offers a long shelf life than the other methods, then case binding is your type. The durability is attributed to the hard cover that envelops the material The pages are stitched together in sections and stuck to the cover’s spine using glue. Although this method is expensive, it is the best option if you want your books to last long.

Velo binding

Velo binding is your go-to if you want a durable, professional, tamper-resistant, and economical bind. It is suitable for proposals, reports, documents, and briefs. VeloBind has a strip with spikes, and another strip with holes to fasten the document at the back. The two common types of Velo bind are

  1. Four-pin recloseable Velo bind systems
  2. Velo bind hot knife systems

Hot Knife Velobind systems utilise heat to fasten the spine and keep it in place, whereas the Four Pin Recloseable system uses pins that snap the excess part of the pins after it is inserted into the receiving strip.

Wire binding

Wire binding or Wire-o binding or double-loop binding is a method where holes are punched into the edge of the stacked papers, and a metal wire which has two loops is bent to pass through a c-shaped spine. This wire secures the pages along with the cover. This method is suited for documents, wall calendars, cookbooks, reports, and many more.

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What should you consider before availing binding services

Visually pleasing appearance

How do you want your finished product to appear? You may want certain cover designs that require a technical touch or have a sophisticated look.  You need to do thorough research on the companies that offer your requirements. Take a look at their past work and determine if they are the right fit for you. The quality of paper used is also an important determining factor in choosing a binding company.

Time taken to complete a binding project

Go to binding companies whose binding services are delivered with quality in a favourable time frame. Companies with efficient staff and fast-running machines will get the project done in a limited time span. You must also consider the type of binding you wish to have for your material. Some methods such as Case Binding takes time while Spiral binding requires less time to complete.

Budget and Services offered

Before finalising the binding company, research and shortlist a few businesses based on their pricing, quality, and time taken to complete a project. If you have a limited budget and still wish to have quality, choose a company that is flexible in pricing while not compromising on quality.

Customer Service

Ensure your digital printing partner provides efficient customer service. Customer support is vital to get your queries cleared. Effective customer support will reflect in how quick they are to respond to your queries over mail or phone, and check if their website has a FAQs section to get immediate answers to uncomplicated questions.

To conclude, loose sheets falling out of your material is undesirable for a successful business. A good binding will give an outstanding presentation to your material and boost your business. Take the above points into consideration while looking for a great binding company.

To assist in your binding project, CAD Reprographics LLC offers exceptional binding services to produce quality bounded projects.

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