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Document scanning is a lifeline for businesses. Here’s why.

Document scanning is a lifeline for businesses. Here’s why.

You will have a lot on your plate when you own a business.  With too many tasks to take care of, you do not want to lose your mind over the loss of a paper document. 

Having an office filled with physical documents will take up office space, reduce productivity among staff, and you may be at risk of losing or damaging important documents. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to digitise important records and keep them safe. You do not have to sift through many documents to get to your desired file. It can be retrieved in a few clicks. 

What is Document Scanning?

It is converting physical documents into digital files by optically scanning them. The documents can be converted to a digital format with the help of a multi-function printer or document scanner. 

Quick Facts on Paper and Documents   

  • Annually, around 10,000 sheets of paper are used by the average office worker.
  • One tree has to be chopped down to produce 12,500 sheets of paper.
  • Misfiled documents make up 20 percent of documents.
  • Around 50 percent of documents go to waste due to printing errors and various other mistakes.
  • If a document is lost, one has to shell out 220 USD to find or reproduce it.
  • The cost for printing a document is 0.02 USD, filing it is 5 USD, and retrieving it is 20 USD.

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Benefits of Document Scanning 

Reduced Expenses

Businesses use a lot of paper every day. It is one of the major expenses faced by them. One may think that a few sheets of paper will not cost much. But an average worker uses paper for printing important forms, contracts, invoices, patient records, and more on a daily basis. This increases the expenses for the company. When documents are scanned, expenses are reduced and businesses can decrease overhead. 

Declutters the Office

When you have too many physical records occupying the office, it can take up too much space. You may place important office equipment in a space where it is inconvenient to access. When you digitise your documents, you have enough office space to move around and keep other important office resources. 

Secure Documents

When documents are stored physically, they bear the risk of being lost or damaged due to unforeseen circumstances or environmental disasters. When documents are digitally scanned, there is a backup of data and permanent loss can be prevented. The records can be recovered quickly without much hassle. Due to the easy recovery of documents, you can run your business operations smoothly. 

Sustainable Work Environment

By simply going digital, you make your office eco-friendly. Digitising physical documents promotes a sustainable work environment, in that it saves energy by downsizing the office space and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Quick Retrieval of Documents during Audits

Owning a business comes with a lot of legal formalities which has plenty of paperwork. Now, if you do not keep these documents safe, you are in trouble when the legal officers come knocking at your office. Digitising the documents will help you quickly retrieve documents immediately.

Increased Productivity among Your Staff Members

When you adopt a cloud-based management system for your document filing, your office staff has more time to complete their work with efficiency. Quality work can be produced instead of digging through piles of paper documents. Also, the documents can be easily shared across various offices located in different geographical areas. This streamlines business operations. 

Better Customer Service

In today’s fast-paced world, people like it when their queries are answered quickly. With scanning, employees have quick access to information which enables them to handle customer queries. This quick response will increase the reputation of your business. 

Remote Access

A business may branch out to different locations. This will increase the need to access important documents from time to time. With document scanning, all the main documents are stored in a safe folder making it easy to access when required. Also, when unforeseen contingencies strike, businesses can go remote due to an efficient digital platform. 

Improved Decision Making

When you do not have to look through a stack of paper files, your time is saved and you can make quick decisions regarding a specific problem. A delay in decision-making will create a delay in business operations as well. Document scanning makes sure your decision is not delayed and there is a smooth and efficient business process in place. 

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