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Create a Good First Impression with Clients Right Away

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Create a Good First Impression with Clients Right Away

These solutions are perfect for business opportunities, educational pursuits, and even at home leisure.

Say hello to the future of meetings

A new and innovative solution to boost collaboration, productivity, and creativity in the meeting room is here and it is called Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD).

The Interactive Flat Panel Display is a collaborative all-in-one device that securely connects participants irrespective if they are in the same room or are remote. The solutions can be used for whiteboarding, videoconferencing, screen sharing, and more.

The flat panel displays are multitouch and designed specifically for collaboration purposes. For this, they consist of a range of user-friendly collaboration and meeting management functions. This also includes users being able to connect to the flat display panels from their devices without trouble and can access the multitouch capabilities on the display!

Some features are

  • Smart whiteboard
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Smart search
  • Intelligent flying mouse

A Next-Gen Office Display Solution

The IFPD comes with a slew of benefits that make the workplace more streamlined, collaborative, and efficient.

  • Faster Setup Time – With no wires, ports, or a slew of confusing connectivity options that could come with other devices like projectors, the IFPD’s premium technology prevent wasting time for setup before meetings.
  • Can fit in any room – unlike projectors or smart boards which need a sizeable room to accommodate the wires and paraphernalia, the IFPD will be at home in any room of any size. This comes especially useful when meeting participants would like to brainstorm outside a conference room, in a more casual environment but would still require the technology for effective communication.
  • User-friendly – There is a lot of freedom and convenience when working with an IFPD. It is easy for participants to share content no matter where they are. The presenters also needn’t stand near a stationary laptop while giving their presentation. Also, multiple applications can be run at the same time.
  • Everyone is More Focused – Since the IFPD records everything in real-time and records the presentation, the meeting attendees can focus all their attention on the discussion and not worry about taking notes. There is literally no buffering or lag time which can be distracting so is not engaged in the meetings with little to no disturbances.
  • Less time and resources spent on maintenance – IT departments can now breathe a sigh of relief because there is very little maintenance and service needed for the IFPD. In case there is an event that requires their intervention, they can deploy, customize, and manage the IFPD environment centrally

Industry applications

Another place where the IFPD can be used is in the classroom setting. The innovative solution fits perfectly in the classroom because of its interactive nature. Contrary to traditional whiteboards and digital projectors, with the IFPD, educators can create dynamic content that is engaging and impart knowledge, enhancing collaboration and learning.

Apart from the educative purposes, IFPDs also help educators check attendance, measure students’ performances, and record the class taught to share the content later.

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