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8 tips that would make your wedding invitation unforgettable

wedding invitations printing

8 tips that would make your wedding invitation unforgettable

Here are some really simple ways to make your card stand out.

Your wedding invitations are the first and last thing guests touch from the save-the-date to the thank you cards. The invites will give guests a taste of what your wedding will be and feel like, and most importantly, who you are.

Why are wedding invitations important?

While printing and its accompanying jobs may seem low on the priority list for business owners, it is still an integral part of the workflow. When neglected, these jobs can pose numerous problems.

Your Wedding Stationery Sets the Tone for the Event

Sets the tone of the big day – the color combinations, the pattern, whether you decide to go minimal or floral or anything else, the messaging and materials used will give guests a clue into what to expect on the day of the wedding. You can say that this is a fun teaser before the main event. Also, it will be widely appreciated by guests to get information beforehand and not at the last moment.

Your Wedding Stationery Contains Valuable Information

Going from the previous point, the wedding invitation and the accompanying stationery gives guests valuable information about the wedding – from the guests, to where is the wedding, the date and time, and even the dress code! The stationery also lets you know if it is a formal event or a casual one.

Here are some design tips to make your invitation stand out for the big day!

  • Choose a style – There is a style category for every wedding invitation and you have to choose one for yours. There are different types of style types. Some examples are

    Traditional and Elegant – This involves script fonts, floral borders, and soft and pastel colours.

    Art Deco – This gives a stronger vintage vibe with bold geometric designs, lavish colours like gold on black, etc. which will give a glamourous edge.
  • Choose a font – The font style on your invitation can make or break a wedding invitation. Unless it’s a themed wedding, don’t experiment with novelty fonts. Keep in mind that the font and the overall design should balance each other out. For this, you can go with a font of regular weight and make it bold or italics.
  • Let’s talk about the size of the invitation – Before anything, decide on the size and orientation of your wedding invitation. Whether you are going to design it yourself or get a professional to do it for you, these practical issues are a priority. Ensure your invitation will fit into the envelope you’ve chosen. Ensure that the invitation card is at least a few millimetres smaller than the envelope to ensure that the invitation will fit perfectly.
  • Orient it– When it comes to orientation, word count and long sentences play an important role. For instance, if there is a lot of text, like the name of the venue, etc. it is better to go for portrait orientation.
  • You can’t go wrong with florals – When in doubt, go with florals. With the right typography and colour combination, florals can give a modern look and feel to the wedding invitation.
  • Have you thought about photography? – Go on the path not taken. Photography is a rarely used feature for wedding invitations. Make the wedding invitation fresh and unique by introducing photos of the bride and groom.
  • It’s time to align – Bad text and image alignment can mess up the whole invitation. It is better to align your text centrally. It will give a formal and important feel to the invite as a whole. Larger chunks of texts will look better with central alignment. Printers advice not to veer off center alignment because it can make headlines look messy and unorganized
  • & vs. And – The ampersand looks more elegant between the names of the bride and groom rather than the words. There are multiple styles of the ampersand that will go with any style.
  • Use colour to transform – Colours are the best way to add personality to the wedding invite. It can transform the whole look and feel of the entire stationery and even the event.

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