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4 Xerox Machines You Should Get if You Work in Production Print

4 Xerox Machines You Should Get if You Work in Production Print

Xerox has recently announced a suite of production print innovations and options for both existing printers as well as new models. Here are the ones you should consider!

Xerox has recently announced technological advancements to existing printers including new presses, as well as artificial intelligence and automation features to aid in speed and productivity. These models are committed to helping you expand your business operation and enhance productivity.

Read our guide to the four top printing presses you should get if you work in the production print industry and want to deliver a more colourful, eye-catching, and higher-quality experiences to your clients!

1. Differentiate your eye-popping client offerings with the Xerox Iridesse’s fluorescent pink options

Xerox has one of the brightest colour capabilities in the world and offers a range of colours, embellishments, mixed metallic, and media options. The Xerox Iridesse Production Press, a long-standing best-seller, has added fluorescent pink speciality dry ink options to its existing Beyond CMYK palette of gold, silver, white, and clear. This embellishment allows you to differentiate your product from anything else in the market. No other brand offers fluorescent pink – so enter the neon market with ease!

2. Deliver high-quality prints in new colours with the Xerox Versalink C4000W

The newest addition to the Versalink family is the Xerox Versalink C8000W, an affordable entry into the embellishment market. It uses high-quality white toner as a base on dark and coloured stocks and has a colour palette of cyan, magenta, and yellow toners to make images pop. You can use this machine for applications such as menus, envelopes, window clings, decals, and labels. A small-footprint device, the C8000W is a worthy investment for quality and clarity that make it stand out from everything else in the market.

3. Upgrade to the Xerox Versant 4100 Press for higher volumes and production loads!

One of two new machines from the Versant family that support wider media options and come with automation features that reduce staffing needs and set-up time, the Xerox Versant 4100 handles higher volumes and heavier production loads. Bring all the print jobs in-house by reducing set-up time and printing on more media options than any other competitor press. If you are worried about investing in the 4100, be aware that it also handles thicker paper stocks, up to 400 GSM, and reduces human errors in print jobs due to automation.

4. Try out the Xerox Nuveras for competitive speed in getting those prints out!

With the Xerox Nuvera, our customers were able to thrive in higher-production environments. The set has upgraded the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) to higher print speeds. MICR allows certain computers to read and process information, is key for processing bank, payroll, and government checks. Succeed at all this with the Xerox Nuvera family!

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